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Roasted Chicken

Meat as a Main

Six recipes that put meat front and center.

Roasted Chicken Salad



Garden How to

The Garden

Just as wine is made in the vineyard, dinner starts in the garden. We talk to a lot of lost gardeners, so this year we’re creating a step-by-step guide for those of you who want to keep it simple and succeed with your plants.

Concept the garden

Start Planning


Paella on the farm


Paella is the ultimate garden party food. It’s ready when it’s ready and it’s not an intellectual pursuit. In that way, it’s ideally served on a lazy afternoon when the wine is already open and the guests feel free to let themselves in.

Seafood Paella
Sofrito for paella with a heavier protein
White bean dip appetizer
Pickled nano carrots

Cinderella Pumpkin roasted whole and vegetable trimmings for stock

Stock Essentials

There are easier things in the kitchen to do than make a stock. Boiling water, for instance, is pretty easy. The investment of time and money is ridiculously low. It takes less time to make a great stock than it does to watch a football game. We put together a collection of stock recipes that range from super simple to the most intricate recipe we’ll post for a while.

Broth & Stock Technique Overview
Leek broth
Fennel broth
Roasted Garlic broth
Oxtail Stock

Cinderella Pumpkin Water Cocktail and Rosemary from Lake Chelan Farm

Holiday Cocktails – That’s the Spirit

Drinking on the job is encouraged at Cannella Kitchen & Lake Chelan Farm. We tote vino verde up to the harvest table and lug produce down to the kitchen to make cocktails. It’s a wonderful life.

Based on the breadth of cocktails we made in 2015, we’re focusing many of our 2016 rows on what can be sipped. A Plot to Drink, coming soon.

Here is a collection of our favorite easy and not-so-easy cocktails. The easy are delicious. The not-so-easy are well deserved.

Pumpkin Water Cocktail
Tomatillo Mary
Lovage Bloody Mary
Rosemary Simple Syrup
The Conversation Ender

Cannella Kitchen's Pear and Blue Cheese Puffs

Holiday Appetizers

There are a thousand reasons to host a party but sometimes the appetizers are excuse enough. Here are some of Cannella Kitchen’s hors d’oeuvres we make for our in home clients.

Parmesan Puff Pastry
Rosemary Orange Parmesan Crisps
Bacon Cheese Croquettes
Parchment Chicken
Cod & Potato Spread

Cannella Kitchen's Gnocchi Comodoro with Lake Chelan Farm's Tomatoes and Herbs

Cooking Class Recipes

A little comfort food. On occasion and between writing gigs, we teach cooking classes and this is one of our menus.

Gnocchi – Wheat dough
Gnocchi – Gluten Free dough
Pomodoro Sauce
Butter Lemon Sage Sauce

The Green Season

Fall is when green tomatoes shine. In spring, they are too starchy and in summer they simply have no flavor. When they develop on the vine in the late summer heat and then get kissed with a little chill, that’s when they come into their own.

Green Tomato Pizza
Green Tomato Pie
Fried Green Tomatoes

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