We’re a husband and wife chef/farmer/writing team. We had a fantastic little restaurant. Then we had a fantastic little homeless restaurant and a great little farm. Then the farm house decided to collapse a little.

So we moved towns, had a baby and changed our life a little.

While we wait for just the right space, we’re cooking private dinners and collecting our recipes into a book, A Plot to Eat.

This is a site that combines all of that.

Most of these recipes are inspired by what we grew and, hopefully, grow in 2017.

About us:

Erik Cannella is a Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park 1993) graduate whose ability to cook is only rivaled by his ability to create a successful eatery. His recipes have been published in Bon Apetit, The New York Times and a couple of books.

Adrianne Young is a writer, a boots-on-the-ground professional cook and deep organic farmer.

Together, we grow, harvest, cook, make wine, turn some of it into vinegar, write and consult.

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