Book and Manuscript Projects

There’s something about holding a bunch of words in your hands. The weight of the paper and the sound of a page turning starts your mind turning. The smell of ink draws you in. If you’re lucky enough to find a long lost bookmark, all the better.

100 Years in the Pike Place Market

The historical research alone was thrilling. Aggregating 100 years of photos, stories, articles and meeting notes was like reading a crime novel. THEN to collect present day crafts, produce, fish (poor crayfish) and personal history was its own adventure.

The result was a seasonally chaptered, visually appealing snapshot about the Seattle’s Pike Place Market– a one of a kind center of the city. It was a project that changed the direction of my life and everything in it.

Excerpt: Since its inception, an excursion through the Market is an unscripted tour of the world’s cuisines, scents, textiles, crafts and languages. The variety and availability of products from around the world has made the Market the primary destination for those seeking diversity in their kitchens and in their lives.

West Seattle 101

Remember when everything was “101”? Author Lori Hinton needed help getting her manuscript laid out and her book jacket written and designed. The next steps were up to her, but getting her to the place where she could self-publish her book was a great success.

3 Feasts

What if a photographer, a printer, a designer and a chef got together and decided to make a book in Napa Valley? Three days, three dinners, three locations. The one week deadline to get 22 recipes created on the spot made was equally intense. Loved every minute of it.

Click on the photo for excerpts of the book.

How to Eat (that)

An unpublished manuscript inspired by my love of food and dining.

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