Cannella Kitchen's Gluten Free Gnocchi in Pomodoro Sauce.

This is one of those gluten free recipes that actually does better without the wheat flour – but it doesn’t make it easier.

Gnocchi dough is tricky no matter what. Weather, altitude and stress change the flour to potato ratio. So measure out your flour and then use it like you would use water in pie dough – a little at a time – and you’ll be fine.

Keeps: uncooked dough 2 days
Keeps Cooked: Serve immediately
Keeps Frozen: 2 weeks
Makes: 4 servings
Time: Two hours

3 Potatoes 1 3/4 lb
1 egg 3 fl oz
Salt 1tsp
White pepper, ground 1/4 tsp
Nutmeg, grated 1/6 tsp
Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup
Gluten Free AP Flour 2 cup

3 tsp = 1 TBSP
2 TBSP = 1 ounce
1 cup = 8 oz
1 cup = 1/2 pint
4 cups = 1 quart
4 quarts = 1 gallon
16 cups – 1 gallon


Bake the potatoes for an hour at 400° (until you can easily slide a dull knife into them)
When the potatoes are done, immediately cut them in half and scoop out the flesh
Rice the potatoes onto a sheet pan and let cool completely
Put cooled potatoes into a bowl and toss with salt and pepper
Make a crater in the center and add the egg
Incorporate the egg by kneading gently
Gradually add flour, as you do, listen to the dough– when you let the ball drop against the bowl, it should have a resonance. Like a thud.
Stop adding flour when the dough is still tacky and let it rest for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes, scatter a handful (1/2 cup) of flour onto a board
Roll the dough around the flour so that it is evenly coated and then cut the ball into 12 equal portions
Take a portion and roll it on the floured board, then roll it into a rope a 1/2″ in diameter
Dip a pairing knife into flour and cut 3/4″ pieces
Use the backside of a fork to gently roll each piece under the tines (as if you were using the fork to move each piece of dough to see its underside)
Lay each piece on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan
Boil a pot of salted pot of water and put a 1/2 a sheet pan of gnocchi into the water
When they float, they’re done. Pull them from the water using a slotted spoon and drop them directly into warm sauce.

Baking the potato with this recipe is essential – more essential than having a ricer.

These are so light and fluffy that you should pair them with something acerbic over round. Barbara, beaujolais and minervois will do the trick. Or serve the dumplings with a little finely chopped kale.