Our late Fall Recipe Collection Page. Here, you can find a lot of the recipes and methods we use in Cannella Kitchen’s autumn menus.

This Week

We’re bringing in all of our herb cuttings. Every surface in our house will be covered in sticks and we will question our sanity.

Herbs de Provence Salt
Pomodoro Sauce
Butter Lemon Sage Sauce
Gnocchi Wheat Dough

The Green Season

Fall is when green tomatoes shine. In spring, they are too starchy and in summer they simply have no flavor. When they develop on the vine in the late summer heat and then get kissed with a little chill, that’s when they come into their own.

Green Tomato Pizza
Green Tomato Pie
Fried Green Tomatoes


Last year we harvested a literal ton of pumpkins. This year we were prepared with recipes.

Recipes we’re posting this week:

Easy, Safe Pumpkin Roasting
Pumpkin Gnocchi
Pumpkin Flat Bread
Pumpkin Beignets 
Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Water Cocktail


Just like bunnies and wasps, where you find one tomatillo, you are sure to find several hundred more. Uncomplicated and high in fiber, tomatillos are so versatile that it’s daunting. Here’s what we do with them:

Tomatillo Sauce & Chicken
Pickled Tomatillos
Tomatillo Bloody
Tomatillo Indian Pickle