In this new and fantastic reality, toffee and chocolate are sometimes viable dinner options.

The definition of *sometimes*, in this new and fantastic reality, is the two or three days a week Erik works late. Toffee and chocolate are also good for lunch or breakfast.

Because 90% of candy making is timing and temperature, my candy making hasn’t been 100% successful. But it’s an ongoing process and when one finds themselves resorting to eating boiled, then hardened butter and sugar for dinner, one doesn’t complain about slightly-too-dark toffee.

The toffees have become a way to use up the spice blend we make from week to week – a sort of dumping ground for experiments without any destination. This week it was a white pepper heavy, green Sezuan pepper salt blend. I’ve been writing about South Indian food and the urge to toast spices came on strong. We have fenugreek and Asafetida in the spice drawer. We have a ton of cardamon and chilies. The spice drawer is prepared for Erik and I to be grander in South Indian cooking skills than either of us are at present.

I needed a win, so I went with the spices that I share genetics with.

Honestly, some of the blends are strong enough to push back on the pantry door when I try to slide it open.

Like yesterday’s spice blend of ground butternut squash seeds dusted with pimentón, tossed in sea salt and deeply toasted.

Deeply toasted.

The squash seeds, however, had been in the refrigerator air drying (I like the way they roast up when they’re air dried) when the crab stock I made a few days ago went in to cool. Which then made everything in the refrigerator smell like crab stock.*

Today’s slightly undercooked but super buttery toffee is also crab flavored.

I might look at cooking something for dinner. Something boiled, maybe.

*Must remember to set up a cooling table for outside.