There’s a touch of disconnect between what I can get done in the kitchen while taking care of an infant. I’ve been on the job for 12-weeks and am still not trained  up.

Attempting molé for the first time probably wasn’t a good idea.

Here’s how that went down:

Toast Anchos and various chilis in oven.

Turn back to the stove in panic.

Put crying baby in back room.

Open all the windows and doors to let out chili smoke.

Put chilis outside to finish *toasting*.

Rush into back room to soothe baby and wipe her face down with wet cloth.

After a couple of hours, retrieve chilis.

Toast spices.

Toast peanuts.

Blend with toasted spices.

Blend with stewed tomato.

Saute onion.

Add blended tomato mixture to onion, add chocolate.

Realize that I’ve mixed up two recipes and made something that isn’t molé.

Teotitlán molé and chocolate molé recipes become one pain in the ass mess.


Serve to perplexed husband with turkey confit and rice.