Parchment paper chicken, it's good, really.

This is not a recipe for Chinese parchment chicken. This is a recipe for a cocktail appetizer prepared in the manner of parchment chicken.

The black bean paste pairs better with cocktails and wine. It simply does.


Makes: 30 Packets
Keeps: Eat immediately
Time: 120 Minutes

3/4 lb cubed chicken breast

Terrible white wine 1/2 cup
Garlic 1 TBSP
Sugar 1 tsp
Orange peel, julienne 1 TBSP
Black Bean Sauce 2 TBSP

Oil for frying

3 tsp = 1 TBSP
2 TBSP = 1 ounce
1 cup = 8 oz
1 cup = 1/2 pint
4 cups = 1 quart
4 quarts = 1 gallon
16 cups – 1 gallon


A. Learn how to fold an envelope.

Marinate the chicken overnight and then drain.
Cut 30 7″x7″ Squares of parchment paper.
Place a tablespoon (at most) of chicken into the parchment paper.
Make an envelope around it and tuck in the last corner.

Heat the oil. We use 2 cups for a 4 Quart Le Cruset such oven.
Fry the packets 6 at a time for 3 minutes.
Remove from oil and let drain on a paper towel and platter up.

Three minutes is safe, but if you take them out at two minutes 30-seconds, it won’t hurt.

These love an apple ice cider as much as they love a suavignon blanc.

Make an apricot jam and soy dipping sauce, add some red chili paste for kicks.