This site was created by optimists. We believe that everything we pull from the ground can have a purpose. Carrot thinnings become adorable pickles and under-sized heads of garlic are roasted and popped into stock pots or a slow cooker of tomatoes.

Late season green tomatoes are just as cherished as the gorgeous Indigo Rose.

Until last summer we put together Lake Chelan Farm bins for a list of subscribers and often, we’ll create recipes that are directly related to the produce in their boxes. We’re farmless at present, but continue to consult with businesses about growing specifically for the restaurant kitchen.

In the winter, the farm is mostly dormant and so we create recipes around the food we cook for the private dinners and cooking classes we teach around the valley.

Our food is simple. It is average height and shies away from adjectives. A lot of work goes into our dishes. We make sauces and purees. We create salts and infusions. We pickle just as good as we walk. Each harvest has several purposes and our hope is that this site will provide a cohesive wealth of information on what to do with things from your own garden and the farmer’s market.

Feel free to contact us with questions and feedback.