Washington Wine Regions

These tasting region descriptors were originally written for the 2011 Wine Commission Tour Guide. They liked them so much that they copied and pasted them onto their website, where they remain today!

Seattle and Puget Sound

No other region offers such wine tasting convenience. Stop in on your way to pick up Thanksgiving turkey, take a break from Saturday chores, hope on a ferry, taste, hop back and grab dinner. Take the bus, a cab, a boat or a bike to a tasting room and then go about your day – it’s that easy.


Where once one found a handful of wineries nestled against a pastoral landscape, there is now a flock of tasting rooms.  And just like a scene from “The Birds,” every time you life your head from your glass, another tasting room appears.  There are now over eighty.  Eerie? A little. Exciting? A lot.


One third of Washington State’s wine grapes are grown in the fertile Yakima Valley. Vineyards roll, cling, and luxuriate over 16,000 acres of diverse landscape-and so shall you. Blue sky and rows or finely threaded vines encompass picnic perfect wineries. It’s the terrain in which life-affirming memories are born.


Seeing as most of Washington State’s oldest and most well known wineries hail from the area, the place appears to have been the cradle of the state’s robust wine industry. The land, with its languid stretches of vineyard and water, cannot help but cultivate greatness.


They are a faithful lot, this bunch who know and love Walla Walla. They’re a loyal following who return year after year to bring a picnic lunch to their favorite winery, taste juicy reds and busty whites and dine in high style.


Set your Wine GPS to unchartered territory, where the winemakers have carved out a niche culture and have been shining bright for quite a while. The tasting rooms of both noted and boutique labels glow with intimate welcome-so much so that you’ll be made to feel as if you have become part of the region’s lore.


Long shadows of Ponderosa Pines stretch down gilded mountainsides as if to drink from the river valleys just as people from around the state trail into the region to drink the wine. Along the road, verdant meadows give way to golden fields and sun-kissed pleasure seekers ski, boat, hike and drink it all in. There is a lot to drink.

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